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Why Upgrade Your Lighting?


In this era of global competition, keeping business costs to a minimum is more imperative than ever, and converting to energy-efficient lighting is one of the easiest ways to lower your overhead costs by decreasing your electricity bills. If you have not upgraded the lighting for your business recently, you are missing out on potentially significant cost savings. LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps and other technological advances in intelligent lighting solutions have revolutionized the field over the past ten years, maximizing energy efficiency in both new and retrofitted existing structures. Plus, there are numerous tax credits and incentives available which allow most lighting upgrades to pay for themselves within a few years.


Infinity Lighting Systems handles all aspects of creating custom lighting solutions including:


  • Assessment of your lighting needs, whether residential, warehouse, office space, outdoor spaces or any other special requirements;


  • Researching and applying for rebates, incentives and tax credits for which you will likely be eligible. We will navigate the governmental agencies to get you the best deal possible and help you with financing;


  • Designing a lighting plan customized to your business, and presenting you with an easily readable diagram of your project;


  • Purchasing all needed fixtures and materials at the wholesale prices available to Infinity Lighting Systems;


  • Installation by our licensed electricians to your specifications and around a flexible schedule so as not to interrupt your day-to-day business;


  • Disposal of your old lighting and hardware.


Contact us today to discover how Infinity Lighting Systems can illuminate your business!